There are not many kids that will say “giving-up” is NOT an option. Elijah Jones, a smart and motivated young man from an underprivileged neighborhood, changed his life by choosing not to give up but do better.

As a young boy, struggling to find friendship in his new neighborhood, Elijah decided to join the Shane Victorino Nicetown Boys & Girls Club. It was there that he saw some familiar faces from his old neighborhood and met some new faces too. Throughout his eight years as a member, Elijah played for the club’s basketball team but was not doing well in school. He began to feel that school was not right for him and wanted to immediately drop out. Luckily, a local basketball coach from the club gave Elijah some hope and inspiration on the importance of education. Elijah than began to see how bright his future could be and how his education can determine his future success.

YOY 2015 - Elijah Jones

Elijah is now a mentor to younger kids who are also struggling with school, friends and growing-up. Just like the staff of the Nicetown Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia, Elijah is giving back to those who need an ear to listen and a voice to push them toward success. Thankful that he joined the club, Elijah states, “I can’t image where I’d be or what I would be doing right now without the support of the Club. The Boys & Girls Club has empowered me to dream big and to strive to be better.”


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