A Bold Change for Kids

Helping Children in Philadelphia Succeed in School and Life

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A Bold Change for Kids

Helping Children in Philadelphia Succeed in School and Life

Joe and Lisabeth Main

A Message from Our President-CEOs

Dear Champions for Change,

As we stand in solidarity to support the children we serve, we are transforming the landscape of opportunity for an enlightened future filled with enhanced opportunities for education, career development, and social entrepreneurship. As a united community, we ensure our children are fed nutritious meals, and connected to relevant technology that will teach them research skills, music production, and competitive strategies, while imparting educational competencies that will allow them to thrive in our competitive 21st century economy and society.

Through our undeniable collective strength, we safeguard our children from the hazards of their streets filled with youth violence and crime, domestic abuse, substance abuse, and institutional poverty and neglect, guiding them towards a positive, productive future.

We stand in solidarity to educate our children in the way that their minds process information through our growing literacy initiative and immersive STEM programming. As stewards of our communities, we pave the way for a brighter tomorrow and provide our youth with a safe haven that illuminates a positive environment, creating a sense of belonging, a sense of competence, a sense of usefulness and a sense of power and influence.

Our unity fortifies our advocacy and empowers change, as we cultivate our children to become productive and responsible adults of our city, state, and nation. Through solidarity we have transformed this 136-year-old organization, raising over $120M in less than ten years, creating the premier Boys & Girls Club organization in the country, and solidifying our position as the leading youth guidance and development agency in the community through quality staff, facilities, and programs, supported by financial stability and clearly defined standards.

Through the most critical times in our country’s history, together, we stood in solidarity to protect, educate, and serve our children when the world closed its doors. Through the combined leadership of our benefactors, Board, staff and community supporters we will continue to stand in solidarity with a vision for a brighter tomorrow, for the children who need us most. Thank you for standing by our side every step of the way as we continue to advocate for our children!

Our collective strength will illuminate the path to a great future for Philadelphia’s kids and communities.

In the best interest of the children,

Lisabeth and Joseph Marziello
Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia have been serving youth in Philadelphia’s most impoverished communities for over 135 years. Our Clubs provide a variety of services to youth including preschool, after-school, and teen programming.

A grayscale image of a child
A grayscale image of a child